Friday, April 4, 2014


Clouds from airplanes building a V in the sky.

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background, line, outdoors, white, abstract, blue, clouds, color, day, nature, sky, v, air, clear, cloudscape, cloudy, fluffy, high, lines

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Images by Henrik Lehnerer

Pile of brown hazelnuts on white background.

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healthy, hazelnut, nut, ingredient, isolated, hazel, organic, white, brown, food, snack, seed, background, nutty, natural, macro, studio, group, closeup, whole, horizontal, edible, heap, nobody, object, nature, raw, fruit, agriculture, refreshment, gourmet, objects, dry, vegetarian, pile, seasonal, protein

Monday, February 27, 2012


Images by Henrik Lehnerer

Sailboat anchoring in nice blue ocean water and sky.

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sea, ship, sailboat, sail, ocean, sky, transportation, yacht, water, vessel, travel, nautical, blue, boat, summer, sport, fun, boating, vacation, wave, cruise, seascape, landscape, voyage, navigation, nature, maritime, horizontal, outdoors, transport, shipping, nobody, yachting, marine

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bay Bridge

Images by Henrik Lehnerer

The Bay Bridge with houses from  San Francisco in the foreground

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"Bay Bridge", "San Francisco", city, francisco, california, san, building, bay, bridge, landmark, skyline, area, cityscape, downtown, district, skyscraper, ocean, water, urban, metropolis, travel, transportation, tourism, tour, transamerica, architecture, office, north, beach

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scratchy Hotel Facade

Images by Henrik Lehnerer

Facade of a tall yellow hotel building.

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urban, city, tall, window, architecture, facade, modern, high, building, big, apartment, glass, office, structure, construction, rise, corporate, Skyscraper, perspective, wall, living, design, property, downtown, cityscape, business, environment, resident, exterior, hotel, concrete, large, balcony, balconies, tourism, view, Ventura, diagonal, yellow

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Metal Dotted Silver

Images by Henrik Lehnerer

Circle texture metal abstract background with dots.

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pattern, dot, background, circle, design, illustration, texture, graphic, dotted, draw, digital, retro, art, black, abstract, spotted, technical, wallpaper, modern, element, theme, web, image, white, grid, elegant, effect, seamless, future, generated, hard, hole, industrial, radiator, protect, grate, grill, metal, metallic, material, mesh, plate, iron, macro, layout, reflect, steel, strong

Monday, April 18, 2011


Images by Henrik Lehnerer

Footsteps at the beach in the sand with water in the background.

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walk, beach, travel, sand, wave, footprint, ocean, sea, journey, foot, destination, coast, step, print, summer, water, exploration, vacation, relaxation, shore, footsteps, texture, barefoot, explore, background, outdoor, seaside, seashore, footstep, leisure, concept, beachwalk, peaceful, adventure, sun, holiday, traveler, freedom, expedition, voyage, end, trace, Crossing, tropical, body, peace, ride, shoreline, sunrise, trip

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love pink business card

I love pink
Do you love the color pink? Then you will love this collocation.

Business, 3.5" x 2", 100 pack
Stand out from the crowd with custom business cards. Upload your own logo, photo, or graphic, or use a pre-existing template. Zazzle business cards are professionally printed for all of your networking needs. Customize each side of your business card and choose from hundreds of font styles for free!
  • 3.5" x 2" – Classic Business Card
  • Choose from ten types of premium card stock.
  • FREE Full-bleed, full-color printing on both sides.
  • Save with bulk orders!
  • Skinny and chubby profile cards also available.
Tags: pink, crazy, fashion, color, heart, romance, sexy, valentine, i, love, you, girl, girly, present, presents, gift, teen, teens, decorate, decorating, kids

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go Green Necktie

Go Green

Go Green good for the environment and earth


What’s a tailored suit without a custom tie! Create one-of-a-kind ties for yourself or your loved ones. Upload your own images and patterns, or browse thousands of stylish designs to wear in the office or on the town.
  • 55" long, 4" wide (at widest point).
  • Unlimited colors.
  • Made of silky 100% polyester fabric.
  • No minimum order.
Tags: go, green, environment, background, nature, ecology, concept, sign, space, text, earth, conservation, environmental, eco, life, natural, move, save, movement, conceptual, summer, message, information, recycling, planet, design, recycle, technology, fresh, friendly, energy, direction, garden, symbol, help, plant, power, business, yes, element, future, grass, day

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earth Day Vinyl Binders

Earth Day

A early event Earth Day for nature and going green.

Avery Signature 1" Binder

Create eye-catching Avery Custom Signature Binders for home or office. Design unique wedding albums, recipe books and photo albums. Showcase your business with custom client binders, proposals and reports. 3-Ring binders include full-bleed, photo-quality printing on the front, back and spine, and 4 pockets. The Avery Signature 1" Binder comes in two different ring types.
  • 1.4" spine.
  • Full-color, photo-quality printing.
  • Holds 175 pages with EZ-Turn™ Rings or 275 pages with 1 Touch™ EZD™ Rings.
  • Designed for 8.5" x 11" sized paper.
  • Two additional binder sizes available.
Tags: black, star, illustration, earth, day, environment, icon, green, environmental, concept, symbol, global, friendly, planet, sustainable, globe, world, environmentally, color, celebration, abstract, bright, sustainability, metaphor, light, nature, community, holiday, idea, business, recycle, background, save, plant, eco, conserve


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wall Light

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

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wall light turned off on light background


lantern, lamp, iron, glass, metal, old, wall, antique, style, ornate, fixture, light, black, brown, art, electricity, electrical, building, dirty, view, wrought, decorative, design, detail, historical, cast, mounted, rough, rock, ornamental, orange, mount, side, lighting, pattern, luster, stones, stone, symmetry, exterior, european, facade, nobody, ironwork, beige, architecture, classic, decoration, outdoors, urban, Ojai

Friday, February 4, 2011

Echeveria Runyonii Habitus Inflorescences

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

You may buy this image under RF license at Scandinavian Stock Photo.

red yellow orange flower of a everia runyoni habitus inflorescences

succulent, echeveria, runyonii, habitus, inflorescences, cactus, plant, macro, nursery, nature, perennial, garden, growing, leaf, horticulture, summer, spring, up, spiked, spike, floral, botany, close, color, botanical, beautiful, biology, detail, exotic, flora, decoration, decorative, desert, inflorescence, lauii, flower, rose, macabeana, unusual, graptoveria, unique, romantic, shape, red, yellow, orange

Motherboard Coffee Mug

motherboard with different types of chips and colors

Classic White Mug
Your favorite photo or funniest saying is a great way to start the day. Use our white mug to showcase your creativity. It has a large handle that’s easy to hold and comes in 11oz and 15oz sizes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Makes a great gift!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ojai Post Office Tower

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

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Bell Tower with blue sky in the background

tower, bell, bell tower, religion, tourism, art, architecture, church, religious, devout, arts, column, building, sky, holy, historical, locale, historic, faith, cult, faiths, meditation, touristic, style, touristy, worship, nut, architectural, Christianity, blue, catholic, Ojai, post, office

old baseball refrigerator magnets

Make custom magnets for work and home! Put your favorite image on a square magnet, or customize any existing design for your fridge or file cabinet.
  • 2" x 2" – Standard Size.
  • Printed on 100% Recycled Paper.
  • Covered with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar.
  • No minimum order.
  • Both round and square magnets available.